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Rose Island Bahamas: The Perfect Beach Getaway

Planning a trip to the Bahamas? As much as possible, you would want to check out as many beaches and islands as you can.

While it’s not possible to visit them all in just a few days, there are a few that you definitely would want to explore.

Rose Island Bahamas, for instance, is one of the best spots near Nassau. To go there, you can either rent a boat or avail of a day tour.

What are the things you can expect from Rose Island? What activities are in store for you once you get there?

Rose Island Bahamas: Day Tour

If it has always been your dream to visit secluded coves and uninhabited beaches, this 11-mile-long island is the place to be.

There, you will find beach bars and other private homes around. They are unobtrusive, though, so you can still enjoy the island's relaxing and serene vibe.

From being a completely uninhabited island in the past, small-scale commercial establishments began appearing here and there.

Although many tourists have been swarming the area for many years, its beauty has been maintained.

Rose Island is composed of several beaches you can visit, including:

1. First Beach

This beach is called such because it’s the first beach discovered on the island's western end. You’d love that it’s not so much of a hassle to go there and back to Nassau.

Some parts of Rose Island feature a treacherous reef system, but the First Beach is the easiest to reach if you are coming from Nassau.

You might experience mishaps if you try to go through the other parts of the island from the water.

As such, this beach is perfect for boaters who are still unfamiliar with the reef systems of Rose Island.

A lot of tourists who are not planning to check out all of the beaches of Rose Island go to First Beach to enjoy its white sand and turquoise waters.

The area is perfect for snorkeling, too, because of the active shoals located just off the shore.

The best thing about this island is that the nature of the beach changes over time. Once you visit a second time, the beach will have probably changed its shape.

2. MacTaggart’s Beach

The MacTaggart’s Beach is located on the easternmost part of Rose Island. This is a very secluded area because of its distance.

If you prefer to have some alone time or relax while enjoying the sandy beaches without the chitchats from other tourists, this is the best place to visit.

This beach attracts many boaters for summer sail ways, and a lot of tourists visit this place to admire its beauty.

However, you should always bring everything you need, especially food, if you plan to stay for a while because there are no amenities there.

Before you go here, make sure that you look for a boater who knows how to safely navigate the reefs.

Leave the area before sunset because the boaters would have a hard time going around the reefs when it gets dark.

3. Footprints Beach

After the secluded beaches, the next one is a perfect hangout spot for tourists. Footprints Beach Bar and Grill offers excellent sand and amenities for guests.

The Footprints beach is located at the eastern half of the island. It is a clam and shallow stop that is best for lounging and hanging in the bar.

The atmosphere is very casual and relaxing, and you can enjoy the sunset while drinking your favorite cocktail drink.

This beach bar and grill are open from noon to sunset, seven days a week.

Although you can’t stay overnight on the beach right now, a few island cottages would be offered in the near future so that you can prolong your stay as opposed to going back to Nassau.

4. Sandy Toes Beach

This is the most popular beach in Rose Island Bahamas. It is a top destination for many tourists from around the globe.

This beach has a party atmosphere on Sundays, and there is a bar and grill that would cater to all the tourists on the island.

Visiting Sandy Toes can also be a more serene and relaxing way to enjoy Rose Island. There is a grove of hammocks located at the hilltop where you can hang out with family and friends.

If you plan to visit Sandy Toes, make sure to call them ahead of time because they usually provide provisions for guests on excursions.

There is also a great mooring at the southern side of Rose Island, and many sailboats and yachts are in this area to anchor.

rose island bahamas

Swimming With Rose Island Pigs

You’ve probably heard about the swimming pigs in the Bahamas. However, in truth, the area is actually at Exuma and not on Rose Island.

However, Rose Island also has its own swimming pigs, and it is one of the reasons why many people visit this island.

Why choose to go to Rose Island to see their swimming pigs instead of the wild pigs at Exuma?

1. More Time With the Pigs

When touring Exuma, you can only stay for about 20 minutes before moving on to another location.

Since it is a part of a day tour, there are so many areas that you have to visit. As a result, you only get a few minutes of playing with the pigs.

However, on Rose Island, you can play with the pigs longer. If the weather is good, the pigs would be out and about, and they are ready for selfies.

There are also snacks that you can buy if you want to feed them.

You don’t need to worry because it is perfectly safe, and many tourists feed the pigs as a way to get amazing selfies with them.

2. Save More Time

If the goal of visiting Exuma is for the pigs, you can just stay in Rose Island since it is not too far from Nassau.

Exuma is about 89 miles from Nassau, which means that it would take at least two hours to get there.

You would spend more time on the boat than on the island, so it is not really the right choice if you only came there for the swimming pigs.

Rose Island is only six miles from Paradise Island, and it only takes 25 minutes by boat.

You can spend more time with the pigs and get back to your hotel before nightfall.

3. Safety

The pigs in Exuma are wild. Although they are very tame most of the time because humans have been visiting and interacting with them for a long time, their behavior is still unpredictable.

You will never know when a pig would suddenly turn hostile and attack.

In comparison, the pigs on Sandy Toes have been there since they were babies. They’re as tame as household pets, and they enjoy the attention that the guests give them.

The environment around the area is astounding, as well, so you won’t have to worry about catching any unknown diseases while swimming with the pigs.

4. More Activities to Try

Unlike Exuma, Rose Island offers more activities and amenities.

You don’t need to travel to try water activities because there are so many amenities that you can use on the site.

Aside from feeding the pigs and taking a selfie with them, you can try snorkeling, drink at the beach bar, or get a relaxing massage.

Rose Island is a one-stop destination, so you can spend the whole day there without getting bored. You can just relax or try some of the activities available in the area.

Rose Island FAQs

1. Where is Rose Island located in the Bahamas?

Rose Island is a very small island located just three miles east of Paradise Island.

You can get there by boat, and you can even stay for a whole day since the island has a bar and grill and other amenities.

2. How far is Rose Island from Nassau?

If you are coming from Nassau, Rose Island is about 13.8 kilometers away. If you are coming from Paradise Island, it will only take 25 minutes by boat.

3. Are there pigs on Rose Island?

Yes, there are pigs on Rose Island, but they are not wild pigs. The pigs were raised on the island since they were babies, so they are tame and friendly.

The six pigs are named Babe, Wilbur, Larry, Pumba, Mo, and Curly.

If you don’t want to go to Exuma but want to witness the swimming pigs, you just need to visit Rose Island and take a selfie with them.

4. Is Rose Island safe for the family?

Yes, Rose Island is perfectly safe for the whole family. Children can even join the fun, but they have to be accompanied by an adult.

There are securities in place, and there are so many tourists on the island, so the crime rate is very low.

5. Can you bring food to Rose Island?

You are allowed to bring food on Rose Island because there are some areas there where there are no restaurants or establishments where you can buy food.

Most secluded beaches on the island are totally isolated, so you need to bring your own food if you plan to stay there for a couple of hours.


Rose Island is a perfect destination for different types of tourists.

If you prefer a serene environment, there are secluded beaches and caves that you can explore.

If you prefer a lively environment, there are many parts of the island with many amenities and bars.

You will always have something to do once you get to the island, so you and your family will surely enjoy the trip.

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