Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Acklins and Crooked Island


Acklins and Crooked Islands which are two of three islands (the third one being Long Cay) that semi-encircle a shallow and large lagoon called the Bight of Acklins, used to be a Bahamian district until 1999. The islands are two of the Bahamas’ most natural and unspoiled islands and are popular for diving, snorkeling, and bonefish fishing, as well as other leisure activities.

American Loyalists settled in the islands in the 1780s. These Loyalists established cotton plantations with a workforce of more than 1,000 slaves. After the abolition of slavery, the plantations became uneconomical. Modernly, the islands’ inhabitants live by small-scale farming and fishing.

As of 2000, 300 inhabitants lived in Crooked Island, while 428 individuals resided in Acklins Island.

Acklins and Crooked Islands Attractions

Here at the islands, seclusion is taken to the next level. You’ll discover coral gardens, miles of isolated sandy beaches, magnificent cliffs, limestone caves and remains of cotton plantations. While other Bahamian islands are more popular with tourists, Acklins and Crooked Islands are known for their natural surroundings and a host of activities for the visitor seeking an unconventional adventure.

As one of the most preserved Bahamian islands, Acklins Island (with an area of about 92 square miles) has a rustic terrain that is best for adventurers wanting an isolated getaway with premier bonefish fishing and superb secluded beaches. On the other hand, Crooked Island has sparsely populated areas like Gun Point and French Wells that contain vestiges of plantation life.


Bird Watchers can see a plethora of wild birds on Acklins and Crooked Islands.

The wildlife in these islands are also a joy to look at. You can see bird species that abound in Bahamas like the white-cheeked pintail, American flamingo, Bahama mockingbird, thick-billed vireo, pearly-eyed thrasher, western spindalis, bananaquit, Greater Antillean bullfinch, and black-faced grassquit.

You can also find osprey nests in unusual places, like on the roof areas of uninhabited houses. You can also see a host of seabirds that usually thrive on offshore, nearby islands.


Acklins & Crooked Islands Vacations

If you’re seeking a Bahamas Out Islands vacation getaway that entails more snorkeling, diving, fishing and less socializing/shopping, Acklins Island is your perfect destination. If you want know more about the Bahamas past, Crooked Island may be just one of the perfect places for you to do just that.

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Some amazing snorkeling opportunities exist on Acklins Island (Bahamas).

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