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Blue Island Bahamas: A Private Island for a Perfect Getaway

As you know, the Bahamas archipelago is an ecological oasis spread over 100,000 square miles of ocean and starts only 50 miles off the coast of Florida.

The Bahamas comprises 700 gorgeous islands, plus more than 2,000 cays and rocks.

It boasts possibly the clearest water on Earth, having visibility of more than 200 feet.

Several of these islands are occupied. Some are densely populated while the others are sparsely populated.

You can also find a lot of Bahama private islands, including the Blue Island Bahamas.

What can this private island offer tourists?

Blue Island Bahamas

Imagine yourself landing on a brand new 5,700-foot asphalt airstrip on your private jet on the Blue Island located in the Bahamas' Exuma district, pretty exciting, isn’t it?

This is a fabulous island and is home to about three miles of glistening beaches and treasured coastline.

The water on this island is crystal clear, with untouched white sand beaches filling up your entire view and making things seem brighter than they actually are.

It features elevations that go up to about 100 feet along with numerous private beachfront homesites.

For those who don’t want complete seclusion, the island is also fully ready for development.

It has tremendous potential for a luxury resort; in fact, the local government encourages foreign direct investment.

The Blue Island is a massive 700-acre plot with the latest and sophisticated amenities like four miles of road, a bike and jogging path, a fire pit, communications, and water systems.

If that isn’t enough, you will find the divine main house upon arriving on this island.

It features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a guesthouse, a pool, and a five-bathroom and five-bedroom caretakers' house. 

How To Reach

For ease of arrival and departure, there are customs and immigrations available on this island.

One can simply come on a private jet from the USA or Europe.

Additionally, the island features a boat ramp and docks along with a helipad.

Blue Island requires a quick 20-minute boat trip away from the main island.

From there, it is only 20 miles away from restaurants, shopping centers, and even the international airport at Georgetown.

One of the most impressive things about Blue Island is that it is extremely close to the USA.

The Exumas, where it is located, comprises 365 islands and cays and is only 35 miles southeast of Nassau and roughly 300 miles away from Florida's coast.

This proximity makes the Blue Island an easily accessible aquatic playground.

Local Attractions in Exuma You Can Visit

Since the Blue Islands is located in Exuma, we will list all the local attractions in Exuma that are worth visiting.

1. St. Andrews Church

The St. Andrews Church was founded in 1892. It sits on a hill that overlooks Georgetown.

The church is known for its breathtaking views and historic charm.

Both of which make for a perfect setting for a destination wedding.

blue island bahamas

2. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a 176-square mile park made back in 1958.

This was the world’s first sea and land park and is still one of the most successful marine parks.

This stretch of land, beaches, and pristine water is an ecological preserve and wildlife refuge.

It is also famous for its beautiful marine environment.

The most popular activities ins Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park are snorkeling and scuba diving.

You will most likely encounter nature first-hand by feeding the endangered Bahamian iguanas.

You can even catch a glimpse of the elusive hutia with the help of the professional guides.

3. Exuma Straw Market

The Exuma Straw Market has been around as early as the 1960s. It is located in the picturesque Georgetown.

It is a one-stop-shop to pick up locally handcrafted baskets, handbags, sand and coconut jewelry, T-shirts, woven straw hats, and several other locally made souvenirs.

The Exuma Straw Market also carries a wide range of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

4. The Hermitage Estate

The Hermitage Estate is a 970-acre cotton plantation and on this ground stands the Cotton House, which is one of the oldest buildings in the Exumas.

The building was built originally back in the 1750s by the Kelsall family when the cotton industry thrived on the island.

You can still see a part of the main house, partial structures of the three slave quarters, and an old loyalist tomb.

All of these ruins are a reminder of the island’s cotton plantation days.

5. Thunderball Grotto

The Thunderball Grotto is a fantastic underwater cave system that is ideal for diving, wading, and snorkeling. It is located just west of Staniel City.

This cave is teeming with a kaleidoscope of brilliantly colored coral reefs and fish such as angelfish, yellow-tail snappers, and sergeant majors.

The small and almost hidden entrance further heightens the mystique of the Thunderball Grotto.   

While it is always advisable to enter this cave during low tide, we recommend wearing appropriate diving equipment during high tide.

How To Reach Exuma

You can fly into the main Exuma International Airport. There are direct flights from Toronto and Miami to this airport.

Alternatively, you can travel by ferry with the Bahamas Ferries from Nassau.

Blue Islands FAQs

1. What was Blue Islands formerly called?

The Blue Island was formerly known as both Innocence Island and Hog Cay.

The names were all due to the island's size and serenity.

2. How much did Innocence Island sell for?

The Innocence Island was sold for a whopping 38 million dollars!

The main reason the owner listed it for sale is he was terminally ill.

3. Who owns Innocence Island Exuma the Bahamas?

Unfortunately, the owner of Innocence Island is not publicly known.

Living in the Lap of Luxury

The Blue Island Bahamas offers world-class amenities with the best of the best in technology.  

That is especially since it's located in Exuma, which itself has a lot to offer.

With beautiful greenery and flawless coastlines, plus private homes that play host to some of the topmost celebrities globally and the convenience of allowing you to land your own jet or helicopter, Blue Island is definitely one of the most desired Bahama private islands!

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