caribbean islands to avoid

Caribbean Islands To Avoid for a Stress-Free Holiday

When looking for the perfect holiday destination, the several breathtaking islands of the Caribbean comes to every vacationer and backpacker’s mind, and for good reason.

This group of islands offers more than a few breathtaking sceneries and serene beaches to relax in.

With that said, not every island here is a gem waiting to be discovered.

There are specific Caribbean islands to avoid because of growing unrest in some of them and even crime culture.

If you are trying to avoid the most dangerous Caribbean islands on your trip, scroll down below to know some of them.

What Are the Most Dangerous Caribbean Islands?

It is important to note that, as with any tourist hotspot, crime occurs on every island in the Caribbean.

With that said, more crimes happen on some islands compared to others.

Hence, you must ensure that you exercise enough caution and be careful with your valuables by storing them safely.

It is also important to ask, which is the most dangerous Caribbean island?

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory known for its wonderful and beautiful set of tropical rainforests, mountain peaks, and waterfalls.

The Isle Verde in San Juan is particularly acknowledged for its gorgeous beaches and the accompanying casinos and resorts.

That said, political instability and crime have deeply affected the island.

In fact, in recent times, there has been a cycle of violence and a sudden rise in organized crime in the area.

Gang culture and the illicit drug trade are quite prevalent here, making tourists and visitors easy targets.

One of the worst things about Puerto Rico is that daytime crime is becoming increasingly common. Even the homicide rates are getting sky-high.

Despite all this negativity, the US Department of State has not yet issued a travel warning for Puerto Rico.

In addition to violence and crime, the Condado area of San Juan is also infamous for being dangerous for swimmers due to the high tides.

Even the attractive beaches are dangerous for tourists due to its strong currents and sandy spots.

Moreover, the country's capital, San Juan, is almost always regularly listed as one of the world’s most violent cities.


Nicaragua is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

It is famous for its lavish web of lakes and stunning beaches.

Its capital of Managua attracts thousands of tourists every year, visiting the city’s iconic cathedrals and the breathtaking natural sights.

However, despite being such a popular destination for tourists, the country is considered one of the dangerous places to travel in the Caribbean.

This is due to political and civil unrest, inadequate health care facilities, and sky-rocketing crime rates.

All the people visiting this paradise are often unaware of all the political instability and violent protests that are occurring within.

The unrest and protests escalated to such an extent that the US Government evacuated all of their government personnel and officials.

Apart from all this political unrest, the island is known to have petty crimes, like armed assaults and pick-pocketing on visitors and tourists.

All these crimes increase after sunset.

Instances of violence and harassment against minors and women have also been reported several times, even in the best resorts and tourist hotspots.

Due to all of this, the US State Department has prompted a travel warning to avoid traveling to this country.

If you still wish to visit Nicaragua, we recommend being around the Corn Islands.

They have more than a few picturesque and relaxing beach spots.

caribbean islands to avoid


Jamaica is known to have lush green topography along with rich wet rainforests.

It has numerous pristine beaches and accompanying reefs teeming with marine life of different kinds.

The Montego Bay is particularly well-known for its luxurious and lavish resorts.

However, this tropical getaway is not free of vices.

The nation is considered one of the most dangerous in all of the Caribbean. Some even rank it first on the most dangerous Caribbean islands.

Certain areas, such as Kingston, is considered an extremely dangerous spot not just for tourists but also for locals.

If that’s not bad enough, Jamaica also has one of the world's highest murder rates and a high percentage of crime and drug trafficking.

Violence against women is quite common in the Montego Bay area.

Even most of the tourist hotspots tend to have troublemakers.

There are constant reports of physical and sexual abuse, murders, and robberies, which seem to be increasing every year.

In fact, a lot of these gruesome activities have even occurred in some of Jamaica’s high-end hotels and resorts.

With the murder rate almost eight times over the global average, Jamaica is not the most preferred travel destination for tourists.

Trinidad and Tobago

The dual island nation of Trinidad and Tobago situated near Venezuela is known for its delicious ethnic cuisine and distinct traditions.

The nation’s capital city, the Port of Spain, attracts thousands of tourists for its lavish and rich cultural celebrations and fun carnivals with dancing crowds and live music.

However, this island nation has more to it than being just a cultural paradise.

In 2019, the US State Department issued a Level 2 Travel Advisory and advised all their citizens looking to travel here to exercise great caution.

In recent times, the island has fallen prey to the menace of kidnapping and terrorism.

Crime has sky-rocketed in certain parts of the island like Beetham, Sea Lots, and Laventille.

The inside of Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain is a known hub of kidnapping and violent crimes, too.

There have been countless instances of tourists being harassed and even embroiled in assaults and kidnappings.

Women, particularly, are advised to be careful and take all the necessary precautions to be safe from the violent crimes that occur on the streets of the capital.

There has also been an increase in drug trafficking in recent times.

Gang warfare has become increasingly common. As such, the inner-city areas must not be visited by any tourists if they want to be safe.

The homicide rates have been steadily increasing, too, and are typically centered around the Laventille region.

Gang loyalties seem to be widespread around the island, and most of the crimes that occur appear to be linked to drug trades.

If you are still interested in visiting this island on your Caribbean trip, we recommend traveling around Tobago more than Trinidad.

Preferably, visit this island during the off-season.

Peak seasons, such as during Carnival season and Christmas, are known to be dangerous for tourists and visitors.

Which Caribbean Island Has the Highest Crime Rate?

Of all the islands in the area, which is the most dangerous Caribbean island?

As mentioned, Jamaica is considered to be the most dangerous island in the Caribbean.

It is rife with crime and drug trafficking.

The highest crime rate was registered in Jamaica, with over 47 murders committed per 100,000 Jamaicans.

Are the Bahamas Safe for Tourists To Visit?

The Bahamas does have some number of petty crimes like mugging, armed robberies, and so on. This increases mostly during the holidays.

That said, the tourist hotspots are generally considered safe.

We are sure you will particularly enjoy visiting the Out Islands, including Blue Island, San Salvador, Rose Island, and Harbor Island.

Caribbean Islands to Avoid

We hope that our list of Caribbean islands to avoid will help you plan your vacation better.

While most Caribbean islands are great for a holiday, there is always a handful that is unsafe to visit.

Even so, don’t let these few islands affect your list of places you want to visit in the Caribbean.

There are still several spots, such as the Cayman Islands, Antigua, Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and more, that are not just great holiday spots but also relatively safer.

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