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Harbor Island Bahamas: A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Looking at pictures of Harbor Island Bahamas, you will think that this island is from a fantasy novel.

It features a long stretch of pink sand beaches in its eastern shores. Then, there are sea green and pastel lemon colonial houses in the center.

This island is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the Bahamas, which is why it’s a popular getaway for several celebrities from the world over.

If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas, Harbor Island should definitely be one of your primary destinations.

To help plan your vacation, we talk about the best activities you can do on the island, where to stay, where to eat, and how to get there.

Harbor Island Bahamas: Top Things to Do

Taking a vacation and getting a breather is something you should strive to do for yourself every once in a while.

Harbor Island is a great destination to go to if you wish to disconnect and treat yourself to something good.

There are so many things to do on the island, so you would want to make a detailed list when planning your itinerary.

Don’t worry; for that, we’ve got you covered.

Below are some of the best activities you can do on Harbor Island.

1. Rent a Golf Cart and Drive Around

Yes, you read that right. You can rent a golf cart, as opposed to a car, to drive around Dunmore Town.

Although the locals are allowed to drive cars, tourists can have a much better experience riding a golf cart instead.

Dunmore Town offers picturesque views, with its English colonial houses and pastel facade.

It will take you hours to go around the town, checking out some of the stores, boutiques, restaurants, and other establishments.

This experience itself is already priceless because you won’t be able to see this type of town anywhere.

2. Go to the Pink Sands Beach

As the name suggests, this beach is known for its pink sand. It is also the most famous attraction in Harbor Island.

A lot of tourists come here exclusively for the pink sand.

With the popularity of social media, Pink Sands Beach grabbed the attention of celebrities and famous personalities around the globe.

As such, you will find many travelers enjoy walking on the pink sand under the Bahamas sun.

It would take around an hour and a half to walk the entire stretch, but it is a beautiful experience.

As you do, you can enjoy the ocean breeze and see all of the other tourists gathered around the area.

The beach is very long, but you can always find a secluded place where you can relax and enjoy the view.

3. Dive at the Blue Hole

Although scuba diving is not popular in Harbor Island, it is one activity that adrenaline seekers can try.

The Blue Hole is a perfect spot to try diving and explore the underwater cave.

Obviously, you’d need scuba diving gear, but they are already available in the area. If you don’t like renting, you can also bring your own.

You can also free dive, but you won’t be able to explore the underwater caves.

There are plenty of nice spots around the Blue Hole where you can enjoy the corals from the shore.

You can do some snorkeling in these areas, especially for people who are still newbies when it comes to diving.

4. Visit the Princess Street Gallery

The Princess Street Gallery is a haven for art lovers, as it is a place full of local art and culture.

Here, you will see the vast collection of artworks from various artists. There are personalized jewelry, portraits, paintings, photographs, and more.

5. Take a Much-Needed Coffee Break

If you are looking for a strong coffee early in the morning or prefer freshly-squeezed juice, Cocoa is your best choice. This coffee house is located across Valentine's Marina.

You can order breakfast and eat at their white wooden terrace, or you can take your coffee along with you if you are in a rush.

It is a great way to jump-start your day, especially if you have a lot of activities planned.

6. Go Horseback Riding

It’s great to walk the pink sands, but it is much better to stroll the area while riding on a horse.

If you’ve been to the pink sands before, you probably noticed Marty running around aboard his auburn horse while wearing his cowboy hat.

If you want to try it, you can find him between the Coral Sands and Pink Sands hotels. There are no phone numbers to call because you just need to talk to him for a reservation.

7. Bar Hop

If you came to Harbor Island during the weekends, you should never miss its bustling bar scene.

The most popular choice is Gusty’s Bar because it opens early. You can get started early so that you can visit other bars in the area.

Daddy D’s is the next destination where you can dance and drink throughout the night. You can even see Daddy D spinning under the disco lights.

When you are tired of dancing, the other partygoers will also go to the Vic Hum Club, the oldest bar on the island. You can play basketball games and ping-pong tournaments.

Where to Stay

Once you’ve made your itinerary and already have a list of places and activities you want to try and visit, the next step is to look for a place to stay.

Remember to book hotels a few months before your target date, especially if you plan to go there during the peak season.

Walk-ins are not always encouraged, since there is a big chance the rooms are already booked weeks before.

Here are some of the best hotels and accommodations that you can book on Harbor Island:

1. Coral Sands

Coral Sands is located on Pink Sand beach, so it is a popular choice for most tourists.

If you’re lucky, you can book a room with a view of the pink beach and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Bahamas sunrise and sunsets.

This 39-room hotel features beachfront cottages and shaded bungalows.

In 2017, it was redesigned by New York-based interior designer Eddie Lee.

The owners decided to hire this famous interior designer to make the hotel more modern and luxurious.

There are also two restaurants that you can try in Coral Sands: Latitude 25 and Beach Bar.

Latitude 25 offers a bit of a Moroccan flavor on their menu.

The Beach Bar is more casual and is the perfect spot for grilled shrimps, Goombay Smashes, and other local foods.

2. Bahama House

The Bahama House is a unique accommodation located in the heart of Dunmore Town.

The best thing about this is the location since it is close to all the shops and restaurants around the town.

Only the people with reservations can enter the premises, and if you want to go inside and book a room, you will need a secret code to enter.

The guests can choose from 11 suites and cottages.

harbor island bahamas

3. Rock House

Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, the Rock House is another good accommodation.

This is an adult’s only boutique hotel located on the bayside of Harbor Island. This house was built by South Florida builder J. Wallace Tutt III.

The property offers a clean, colonial-style design with a pool area with colorful daybeds under the palm trees.

Where to Eat

Before going on a trip to the Bahamas, you need to know the best restaurants to try.

1. Aquapazza

As the name suggests, it is an Italian restaurant and is the only one on the entire island. It is known for its vegetarian pasta, seafood, and Italian wines.

There is a dockside terrace where you can watch the sunset while eating or sipping a glass of your favorite wine.

You can order Bahamian seafood dishes, or you can try their Italian meals.

2. The Dunmore Club Restaurant

The Dunmore Club Restaurant is known for its two dining options.

You can choose the retro-style dining room where vintage photos of the Bahamas are displayed or the Oceanfront patio.

The menu is a combination of French and Continental cuisine, while the flavors and spices come from the Bahamas.

Breakfast is only served for the guests of Dunmore Hotel, while lunch and dinner are open to all tourists.

3. The Blue Bar and Restaurant

If you are looking for a purely Bahamian restaurant, this is the best choice.

It is located on the pink sand beach. The menu features mostly Bahamian dishes like fish tacos, cracked conch, grouper ciabatta, and more.

You can also try the restaurant’s signature cocktails as you enjoy eating your lunch or dinner.

Harbor Island FAQs

1. Is Harbor Island Bahamas safe?

There are some crimes here and there, but nothing major has ever happened on Harbor Island.

There are pickpockets and theft because there are many tourists, but aside from that, serious crimes are not rampant in the area.

2. Where is Harbor Island in the Bahamas?

Harbor Island is located on the northeast coast of Eleuthera Island.

3. What airport do you fly into for Harbour Island Bahamas?

The first flight will land you in Miami, Nassau, or Fort Lauderdale. The second flight will be at North Eleuthera’s small airport.

4. How do you get to Harbour Island Bahamas?

Once you’ve arrived in North Eleuthera’s small airport, you will have a short taxi ride to a small landing where your luggage will be brought to a 30-foot motorboat.

After 10 minutes of the water-taxi ride, you will arrive at the wooden dock at Dunmore Town.


Harbor Island in the Bahamas is a perfect destination for people who love both adventurous days and relaxing afternoons.

Whether you want adrenaline-pumping activities or to unwind and relax, Harbor Island has all the activities you are looking for.

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