how many islands in the bahamas

How Many Islands in the Bahamas Are Worth Visiting?

The white and pink Bahamian beaches are spread across the Atlantic Ocean like a string of beads to Florida's east.

The Bahamas include over 700 islands, and more than 2,000 cays and rocks sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean.

The natural beauty and brilliant weather on the islands create the most beautiful beaches in the world. Or, as NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly puts it, "the most beautiful place from space."

Now that you know how many islands in the Bahamas are waiting to be explored, it can be hard to decide where to start. 

To help you figure that out, we've narrowed it down to our top picks for the ultimate beach experience!

How Many Islands in the Bahamas Are There?

The Bahamas include a multitude of islands that are worth adding to every traveler's bucket list.

Turquoise waters surround these pristine islands, making them a tropical hot spot in the world. 

However, just about 30 islands are inhabited, which significantly narrows down the list of which islands you can visit.

The total population of the Bahamas is nearly 400,000 people, out of which 70% live in Nassau, New Providence Island.

The rest are spread across the Bahamas, with some of the best being the Exumas, the Abacos, Andros, Paradise Island, Bimini, the Berry Islands, and the Southern Bahamian Islands.

Bahamian islands are mostly flat, with miles and miles of white and pink sand beaches and pristine waters for the most part. 

The sand on the beaches is pink because of the broken seashells that mix with the sand.

Apart from that, each island offers unique adventures that you wouldn't know about unless you have visited the place yourself.

For example, swimming with the pigs at Big Major Cay, or drinking the classic Bahama Mama Cocktail or a Goombay Smash.

New Providence

Tourists mostly fly straight to Nassau, the capital and largest city of the Bahamas, dwarfing all the others in the region.

This bustling city has all the modern facilities along with rich culture and traditions.

It is connected with New Providence, the most lively and vibrant island in the Bahamas, by two bridges.

Contrarily, you will find all the Out Islands to be more peaceful and quiet.

The Exuma

The Exuma district includes 365 cays (islands), with the largest being Great Exuma joined to Little Exuma by a bridge.

The main island has minimal tourists throughout the year, which has made it a safe place for celebrities to escape the spotlight for a while.

It is not to say that these islands are any less adventurous than the others, though.

The Exumas hosts the highly anticipated annual Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival, including many homecoming events that have attracted tourists and residents alike.

Andros Island

The largest of all Bahamian islands, Andros Island, offers an abundance of natural attractions, such as the mesmeric Andros Barrier Reef and the Tongue of the Ocean.

Because the Andros lies in the north of the Tropic of Cancer, it has a tropical climate with two seasons: summer and winter.

The region consists of three major islands, namely North Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros, separated by "bights" or estuaries.

Andros Barrier Reef is the sixth longest barrier reef in the world.

The Tongue of the Ocean, a mile-deep water basin, along with mangrove swamps, blue holes, and estuaries, serve as diverse ecosystems. 

With the geographical diversity and vibrant marine life, the island has attracted the attention of kayakers, bird watchers, snorkelers, and divers from around the world.

how many islands in the bahamas

The Berry Islands

The Berry Islands are a cluster of about 30 islands that cover the northwest part of the Out Islands.

If you want an island all to yourself, you can spend an entire day on one of these islands without a single person in sight.

The Great Harbour Cay gives you seven miles of secluded beaches perfect for diving, fishing, or just relaxing on the shore.

In fact, to this day, it still remains to be one of the most secure harbors in the Bahamas.

Along these seven miles is the Sugar Beach, one of the prettiest beaches in the Bahamas.

Many compare Sugar Beach to the great Mediterranean beaches due to numerous sandy coves among cliffs and beautiful sea treasures along the shore. 


Bimini is the closest island to the US, located 50 miles from the coast of Florida. It comprises two main islands, North Bimini Island and South Bimini Island, along with many cays.

It not only boasts miles of white sand beaches like other islands but also holds historical significance.

The favorite escape of Ernest Hemingway, Bimini, has a notable and complex past. The tourists are fascinated as much by the island's history as the island itself.

Bimini Road is believed to be a part of the road system of the Lost City of Atlantis.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited the island while sailing in the 1900s, and his visit had quite an impact on its people.

The Abacos

The Abacos consists of 120 miles of islands and cays, with the two main islands being Great Abaco and Little Abaco.

The cays are green and lined with mangroves, giving the whole region a sense of serenity.

Hence, the Abaco Islands are a part of the more peaceful Out Islands, with a smaller population and more fresh air.

Although the Abacos is still recovering from the Hurricane Dorian that hit the northern Bahamas last year, it has restored much of its natural beauty.

Eleuthera and Harbour Island

The pink sand beaches, lush greenery, and acres of pineapple fields depict the true beauty of the Eleuthera and Harbour Island.

The islands have a rich culture, which was influenced by the British Loyalist settlers in the 1700s.

Harbour Island is known to be one of the best islands in the Caribbean.

Eleuthera, on the other hand, is more sophisticated, with developed housing, resorts, and coral reefs. It has some of the sweetest pineapples in the world.

Naturally, you’ll find miles of coastlines and secluded coves, too, exclusive to the Bahamas.

Ragged Island

Ragged Island is one of the smallest islands in the Bahamas, inhabited by merely 72 people.

Due to the small population, the three different religious groups of people gather in the same church on Sundays.

Adventures on the Islands

In the Bahamas, you will never be out of fun things to do. Each island offers unique opportunities for tourists to live the time of their life.

If fishing is your thing, Andros is "the bonefishing capital of the world."

If not, walk your way through the white and pink sand beaches of the Eleuthera and Harbour Island. Alternatively, you can try to discover the natural wrecks in the waters surrounding it.

Looking for something more extraordinary? Take a boat ride around the Exumas and meet the swimming pigs.

From the Healing Hole in Bimini to the scenic views at the Sugar Beach, the Bahamas have something for everyone.

Since the islands were a secret place for pirates to hide their treasure, the Bahamas is one of the Caribbean's wealthiest countries.

However, there are some adventures you will only discover once you visit this country yourself. 

Food on the Islands

Food in the Bahamas represents the Bahamian culture, so it is an exquisite part of the islands.

While you will find seafood at every stop, a range of restaurants offer diverse cuisines for food lovers.

If you are one of them, you should know how many islands in the Bahamas offer exclusive Bahamian cuisines before making your travel list.

All the inhabited islands offer a wide range of cuisines infused with the unique Bahamian touch. The eateries use local ingredients, such as tropical fruits and seafood, for traditional dishes.

You can also opt for international cuisines with a hint of Bahamian spices for the distinct island flavor. Each meal comes with splendid wines and spirits to complement the dishes.

If you are looking for a casual meal on a sunny day, grab the Bahamian version of a hamburger with fish or conch sandwiched between buns.

Specialties on the Islands

A chocolate addict's dream, Graycliff Chocolatier is a newly opened place in Nassau.

The guests can make their own chocolates at the facility under a chocolate expert.

If that’s not your thing, you can simply savor the pre-made chocolate delights made by the master chocolatier.

If you are staying at or visiting the Harbour Island, look out for Aquapazza on Queen's Highway, an Italian restaurant at the Harbour Island Marina.

The restaurant offers top-notch Italian dishes and a stunning view of the turquoise waters from the dockside terrace. Moreover, there are some superb vegetarian dishes on the menu, as well. 

Wrap Up

Once a favorite place of pirates to hide their treasures, the Bahamas is now rich in culture, good food, and exciting adventures.

If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas, make sure you know enough about the islands you will visit.

Each island serves as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travel enthusiasts and vacationers. You don't want to miss the intriguing specialties of each Bahamian Island while you're there.

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