best beaches in nassau bahamas

Best Beaches in Nassau Bahamas

Nassau is the capital and largest city of the Bahamas. It houses a little more than 70% of the country's whole population.

It is where you will find most of the country's business centers, administration, and educational and media facilities.

The natural environment and the country's tropical climate made Nassau and its surrounding cities an inviting tourist haven.

Most tropical locations in the country abound with pristine seashores, including this popular holiday destination.

If you’re planning a vacation soon, listed below are only some of the best beaches in Nassau Bahamas.

Best Beaches in Nassau Bahamas

Some say that beaches in Nassau are not as splendid as those found in the out islands.

Nevertheless, you can be sure to find more than enough beautiful beaches to satisfy the wanderer in you.

1. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is located in the west part of downtown Nassau, which you can reach by riding a bus or hailing a taxi.

Once you arrive in Cable Beach, you will be welcomed by immaculate beaches and sparkling blue waters.

Many tourists enjoy the fun and peaceful surroundings of Cable Beach; hence, you will see a lot of vendors selling t-shirts, handmade jewelry, and other merchandise.

Cable Beach is considered the most famous among all the other beaches around Nassau, with its many luxury resorts and hotels.

Guests will also enjoy all kinds of water sports and activities and its wide beachfront for sunbathing and relaxing.

2. Love Beach

Love Beach is the perfect destination for those who love to snorkel. Its mostly rocky sea bottom and an abundance of protected coral reefs are guaranteed to bring awe.

You will find plenty of natural rock pools, cabanas, and hammocks in this calm and quiet beach, making it perfect for the whole family.

Expect to find low-flying aircraft, too, as the beach is near the airport. This is why locals from the west of New Providence usually go there.

This small and isolated beach is found in Gambier Village. It offers some shade from the heat of the sun through the trees scattered ashore.

3. Jaws Beach

The Jaws Beach in Nassau is an undeveloped beach that will captivate you to go into the open water without reluctance.

This top-rated beach offers a picturesque view that everyone will surely enjoy.

Contrary to its name, there isn't any shark in Jaws Beach, even if used as part of the Jaws movie series on its later episodes.

This well-isolated beach is well-loved by the locals and is popular with tourists because the whole area, including its water, is well-protected.

You can find Jaws Beach inside the Clifton Heritage Park. Sadly, it is out of the way of the usual bus route, so you’d need to inform the driver about where you are headed.

There are trees around that offer enough shade from the sun; plus, the white sand and shallow water make it perfect for families to enjoy and relax in.

4. Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach is located on Paradise Island. Here, you can enjoy the view of the sea as you lounge and sunbathe on the sand.

This tourist-friendly beach offers a variety of water activities that you will enjoy, such as water skiing and para-sailing.

You will also find different bars, restaurants, resorts, and shops near the beach, making it busy with vendors, locals, and tourists.

If you don't like the hustle and bustle from other tourists, you can easily find a quiet spot somewhere along the expansive beach and enjoy your personal space.

There are also resorts facing the beach so that you can still see the view from where you are staying.

5. Caves Beach

Caves Beach is perfect for those who find peace and serenity as they listen to the calming waves. It is one of the secluded beaches you can find in Nassau.

The place got its name from the abundant limestone caves found along the beach's borders, which also serves as a shelter when it rains.

Caves Beach is near the main road on the west side of Cable Beach in the New Providence Island. It is around 10 to 15 minutes' drive away from Nassau.

This small beach has a limited space of white sand and lesser tourists, making it perfect for relaxation.

Caves Beach is very close to the airport in Nassau, so it is readily available for incoming guests who do not want to go very far.

6. Saunders Beach

Saunders Beach boasts of crystal clear waters and a beautiful beachfront, which is complete with trees and detached artificial rock bays for safe swimming.

You can expect bigger crowds in Saunders Beach during weekends and holidays, but you will have plenty of private space to have fun.

Guests have a first-hand view of docking cruise ships as they lounge on the beach with their family and friends.

You will have no problem bringing your kids along to the beach, too, because there are swings, playgrounds, food shacks, and restrooms found all over the place.

Transportation is no issue if you plan to go to Saunders Beach; there are regular buses that come every 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Junkanoo Beach

JunKanoo Beach is locally known as the Spring Break Beach because of the well-known Junkanoo celebration from December to the early parts of January.

You will have no problems finding food and drinks here; just walk from the cruise station to the beach, and you will find plenty of bars and restaurants along the way.

This place is perfect for those who enjoy having fun while on the beach because of the loud music coming from various bars and docked cruise ships.

Junkanoo Beach is near downtown Nassau, and many signs direct you to the right way, making it easy to find even on foot.

Though it is not a postcard-worthy type of destination, guests still love the place because of its closeness to the city.

8. Adelaide Beach

Adelaide Beach is considered Nassau's hidden treasure because of its beauty, which can be compared to the out island beaches.

Even though locals and guests love this place, there will be times when you can have the beach all to yourself, especially during weekdays.

On weekends, you might encounter friendly locals listening to music or playing dominoes, offering you a taste of their famous local beer called Kalik.

Adelaide Beach is found on the south side of New Providence Island in the Adelaide village. It may be far from downtown, but you will not be disappointed once you see its natural beauty.

9. Coral Harbor Beach

You will find a simple development on the southern part of the New Providence Island called Coral Harbor.

This is where you will see swaying hammocks in tune with the wind.

It has soft and grainy sand bordered by palm trees and Australian pines that also offer some shade from the sun.

Also, this secluded beach offers a fun tour to anyone who wants to experience riding a horse while on the beach.

There is no feeling of congestion in this spacious and unexplored Coral Harbor Beach, allowing you to enjoy your quiet spot.

You can get to the Coral Harbor Beach by either hailing a taxi or driving a rental car because there are no public buses that operate in the area.

10. Montagu Beach

Montagu Beach is a small and busy place that’s well known for picnics or simply relaxing from the cool breeze on the beachfront.

It is found on the eastern side of downtown Nassau, where locals usually come during lunch breaks or walk along the beach.

This well-maintained beach is adjacent to the historic Fort Montagu, which is the oldest fort in Nassau built during the 18th century.

Since there is a lot of boat traffic between Nassau and Paradise Island, it is not favorable for swimming. However, there are designated areas for such activity.

Locals and guests alike enjoy hanging out along the walkway where local vendors abound selling foods and drinks.

best beaches in nassau bahamas

Reasons to Visit Nassau

When planning to visit a place, it is important to do research about the area to check the things you can do there.

In this way, you can be sure that you’d enjoy your stay.

Besides swimming, there are other things to look forward to if you have plans to visit Nassau.

1. Explore Nassau's Past

A lot of pirates used Nassau as their center due to its nearness to the trading routes, making it easy for them to do business.

As such, you will find numerous forts around the city.

2. Admire Its Unique Architecture

The rich history of the city is reflected in the various architectural designs found all around Nassau, where both historical and modern patterns exist.

3. Experience Luxury

Across Nassau is Paradise Island, where you will find Atlantis Resort. This place boasts comfort and extravagance in its amenities and services.

4. White Sand Beaches

Almost all of the beaches in Nassau are postcard-worthy, thanks to their white sand and clear, blue waters.

5. Discover Caribbean Wildlife

All over Nassau, you can experience swimming with dolphins, see rare and unique animals, or have a fantastic time while bird watching.

6. Travel Convenience

Booking a flight to Nassau is easy. Most major airports have nonstop flights going to the Bahamas. Communication will not be a problem since locals also speak English, too.

7. Something for Everyone

Nassau can cater to the needs of both young and old, whether with their interests, budget, or preferred activities.

8. Beautiful Underwater

Be captivated with the beauty you will find underneath the surface of Nassau's enticing and refreshing waters.

9. Enjoy Good Weather

Nothing can beat this place’s lovely weather, where you can experience sunny days almost every day of the year.

10. Relaxation at Its Best

With the abundance of beaches in Nassau, you will always find a special place that you can call your own while you relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Top Tourist Attractions in Nassau

Every town and city has tourist attractions they are proud of. The same goes for the city of Nassau, the capital and commercial district of the Bahamas.

Visitors from all over the world love to visit Nassau to relax, enjoy, and be amazed by its beauty and rich cultural history.

Here are the top attractions you can find in Nassau:

1. Atlantis Paradise Island

The number one tourist attraction in the Bahamas is the Atlantis, which is a community of its own with its luxury hotel, water park, outdoor aquarium, and entertainment complex.

2. Cable Beach

Cable Beach has clean and clear water for swimming and soft white sand that is suitable for walking along the beachfront.

3. Downtown and Bay Street

There are the constant hustle and bustle in this commercial district where you will find a mixture of restaurants, shops, and even street vendors.

Visitors and passengers from cruise ships that dock in Nassau love buying perfume and other souvenir items found in various shops around the area.

4. Paradise Island

This place is previously named Hog Island, where you will find the Hog Island Lighthouse that was built in 1817, marking the harbor's entry.

You will also find numerous hotels on this island, including the infamous Atlantis Resort, as well as a golf course and even private homes.

This long island runs alongside New Providence Island, where two bridges connect it to the mainland, forming the port in Nassau.

The Marina Village and the Versailles Gardens and French Cloister are also found on this island where different yachts, restaurants, and shops are located.

5. Blue Lagoon Island

The private Blue Lagoon Island or also known as Salt Cay, is found five kilometers away from Nassau.

This island offers various water sport activities, including close-up experience with sea lions and dolphins, making it one of the most famous attractions from Nassau.

They also offer day tours within the island, snorkeling, swimming, or simply relaxing on a hammock under the shade of palm trees.

There are also plenty of inflatable toys scattered in the water park for all the children to enjoy.


If you have plans to visit the Bahamas, you have an idea about the best beaches in Nassau Bahamas and what to find and expect from this city.

You can book a vacation anytime since the weather in the Bahamas does not change much throughout the year, ensuring a beach vacation you will surely enjoy.

You can also check out the out islands, so you can plan another vacation to one of its locations after Nassau.

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