bahamas weather in december

Bahamas Weather in December: Is It Worth the Trip?

December, January, and February are considered the winter months for most locations in the Northern Hemisphere, including most of North America.

During this cold season, many areas experience snow and freezing temperatures, making it tough to venture outside.

Bahamas weather in December offers fewer showers, as it is part of the dry season. It officially starts in November lasting all the way up to April.

Even though the island is technically part of the Northern Hemisphere, it is still considered a tropical country.

Bahamas Weather in December

We all know that the Bahamas has a tropical climate, which is why many tourists choose to spend Christmas on the island because of its comfortable weather.

It offers the right coolness that perfectly matches a sunny day at the beach and lets you enjoy fun water activities.

Also, warm air quickly spreads all over the island because of the island's flat and low landscape.

The Bahamas in December offers a sunny and warm temperature at its highest of 26 degrees Celsius.

Occasionally, the temperature will drop to 20 degrees Celsius, which is still a great reason to run to the beach.

Decembers in the Bahamas mean that visitors can enjoy the sunlight for a full seven hours and daylight usually lasts for as long as 11 hours.

There are approximately 12 days of wet weather in December, with very few rain showers that a light waterproof jacket is enough to keep you dry.

Different Seasons in the Bahamas

Wondering when is the best time to visit the Bahamas?

Peak Season

Starting from the middle of December up to half of April is the perfect season to visit the Bahamas, as it is the island's peak season.

It is the liveliest season on the island because there are plenty of festivals, events, and other fun activities for the visitors to experience and enjoy.

This season's comfortable weather makes it ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Additionally, relaxing on the pristine beaches or looking into the island's outdoor sanctuaries are some other ideal activities that most guests do during this time.

These dates will also have the most number of guests on the island, though, which means that charges will also be highest.

Most hotels and resorts in the Bahamas are fully booked way before the peak season arrives. Waiting on the line for essential services and other attractions is a usual scenario, too.

Shoulder Season

The shoulder season is anywhere between the middle of April to June, which shows fewer guest arrivals. This provides visitors with a more peaceful island setting.

Transportation fare during this season is at an average, making it ideal for budget-conscious travelers.

The island still has plenty of fun activities prepared for the guests during this time, even if it is past the peak season.

The sparkling blue waters are warmer, which entices some species from the sea and makes it perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Though the shoulder season does not have as many guests as the peak season, you will still experience spring break parties.

For visitors looking for some romantic getaway and undisturbed vacation, they can go to Sandals Resort for their quiet time.

June is the start of the wet season in the Bahamas, so it is no surprise to experience some occasional rain showers while you are there.

Low Season

If you are really on a tight budget, the Bahamas' low season is the perfect time for you to travel to the island. This is between August and November.

Surprisingly, you might have the opportunity to afford luxurious accommodations from all the great deal offers provided by hotels and resorts on the island.

Finding a particular spot on the beach or the pool is no trouble, as there are fewer visitors during this time.

There are fewer parties and events on the island on the low season, too, as it falls under the heart of the wet season.

bahamas weather in december

Significant Events in the Bahamas

Bahamians boast of mixed culture, which is evident in different activities on the island all year round.

Below are some of the significant events happening in the Bahamas:


Junkanoo is a unique festival celebrated in a Mardi-Gras style. It happens on Christmas night until the wee hours of the next day.

The second Junkanoo celebration is held from New Year's Eve until New Year's Day.

Locals consider Junkanoo as their national pride, where different Bahamian groups compete to brag about their cultures.

Farmer's Cay Festival

This event is a yearly festival that happens every February. This is when visitors can participate in various fun activities and indulge in delicious local dishes.

Bacardi Rum Billfish Tournament

This yearly event traditionally opens the billfish season on the island between May and June with a huge party. It usually coincides with the spring break for college students.

Bahamas Family Island Regatta

This April event is celebrated with wooden boat races and other coastal activities. It usually happens in the Elizabeth Harbour of George Town.

As the oldest boat racing activity, the best sailors from all the islands in the Bahamas compete in different categories.

Bahamas Billfish Championship

This world-class event is divided into four different times and venues. It is usually held from April to June.

The fishing tournament series usually occurs in Eleuthera and The Abacos, following a consistent set of rules in determining the champion.

Eleuthera Pineapple Festival

This pineapple festival is held every first week of June in Central Eleuthera. It is celebrated for the whole family with various activities for visitors of all ages.

Independence Week

Witness numerous entertainment, fireworks, and parades beginning on the week of July 10, the commemoration of the Bahamas Independence Week.

A wide array of activities for both locals and visitors happen on the island, especially in Freeport and Nassau.

You will also find art exhibits and local food sampling in most of the islands around the Bahamas.

All festivities for the Bahamas Independence Week is free of charge, and guests are encouraged to island-hop to witness the fantastic fireworks display every night.


The Bahamas weather in December proves to be ideal for the visitors to truly experience all the beautiful things the place has to offer.

Make sure to make your vacation plans early to ensure that you only get the best deals.

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