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Cheapest Time to Go to Bahamas + Budget Travel Tips

Planning a trip to the Bahamas can be a bit difficult if you don’t have a huge budget.It is a great place to spend your vacation, but it is very expensive to go there during the peak season.The cheapest

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Drinking Age in Bahamas: What You Need to Know Before Partying

The Bahamas is the ultimate holiday destination for all kinds of travelers. If you are someone who loves relaxing and swimming in sublime blue beaches, Harbor Island and Paradise Island are the perfect

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Why Is the Water So Blue in the Bahamas?

There are plenty of blue shades ranging from Prussian to navy, but the blues of the Bahamas are hard to put in words.The water in the Bahamas is described as a striking iridescent turquoise. It's so clear

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What Currency Does Bahamas Use?

With over 2,000 islands that each features beautiful, romantic views, the Bahamas is rightly known as paradise on earth.It is, hands down, one of the best vacation destinations you could ever hope to go

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