Things to Do in Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis is a luxury resort found in Paradise Island in the Bahamas that offers different kinds of accommodations.

Guests from all over the globe will never run out of things to do in Atlantis Bahamas because of the different attractions that this vacation haven offers.

This ocean-themed holiday spot is constructed around 62 hectares of waterscape known as Aquaventure. It features pools, water slides, marine habitats, river rides, and fresh and saltwater lagoons.

The Atlantis is currently a member of Marriott International and is composed of 3,805 rooms, including its seven suites.

Resort Accommodations

Planning a vacation does not only involve the location and the things that you want to do during the entire stay; it also requires accommodations so that you have a place to stay in.

Here is the list of accommodations you can find at the Atlantis.

1. The Beach Tower

As its name implies, this tower is all about the beach and the carefree set-up of beachfront living as you walk barefoot on the sand.

The place is just a few steps away from the beach and near the resort pools, making it perfect for guests who enjoy a casual and straightforward vacation.

It offers a relaxed tropical environment while being close to Atlantis Beach, so it is the perfect option for value-minded visitors.

However, this accommodation does not provide room service but includes the Atlantis amenities that are within reach.

2. The Coral Tower

The Coral Tower has more than 600 rooms and is capable of attracting middle-range travelers. It is nearer to resort pools, swim-up bars, and other activities.

You will find newly-designed rooms at The Coral Tower, along with an impressive new pool and cabanas, and a beautiful lobby lounge.

The Sun and Ice serve as the centerpiece for the lobby lounge where you can partake of Bahamian pastries, ice cream, gelato, and coffee.

3. The Royal Tower

The Royal Tower is where you will find the famous Bridge Suite, which was recognized as the most pricey hotel room in the world in 2002, according to Forbes.

A decade later, in 2012, it was still considered as the 10th most expensive hotel suite in the world at US$25,000 per night.

The representation of the Atlantis highlights the remarkable mythology about the Lost City of Atlantis as it rises from the sea.

Staying at The Royal Towers brings you closer to the largest outdoor marine habitat situated at the center of the Atlantis.

4. Harborside Resort

The Harborside Resort has 392 villas as well as a harbor-front restaurant and the swimming pool area, where the children’s swimming pool with fountains are located.

You will also find a sundry store, a fitness amenity, and a shuttle service going to Atlantis throughout the day.

The villas in this resort are spacious and possess a simple charm and comfort that is ideal for families or a group of nine people.

Staying in one of the villas makes you feel like you are in your home while being surrounded by all the fun activities at the Atlantis.

5. The Reef

The Reef is the most recent building addition at Atlantis and is made up of condominium-style hotel residences.

It will give you the convenience of your home, combined with the facilities of a luxurious residential community.

The hotel is situated right next to The Cove in Paradise Island and is constructed right on the white sand beach.

The Reef offers different room types with ocean views. It has everything from beautiful studio units to three-bedroom suites fitted with either a small kitchen or a full one.

6. The Cove

The Cove opened in 2007 and is composed of 600 suites, with Dolphin Cay situated at the back of the building.

You will also find the Mosaic restaurant inside this hotel, which is strategically located between Paradise and Cove Beach, making the illusion of having your private haven.

Architect Jeffrey Beers designed this luxurious property with an open-air lobby that rises and sets with the sun.

It has a private pool between two exclusive beaches, beautiful and stimulating rooms or suites, and an unmatched dining service delivered with Bahamian hospitality.

things to do in atlantis bahamas

Things to Do in Atlantis Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is internationally famous for its awesome water adventures, pristine beaches, fine dining, and luxurious accommodations.

Rest assured that your vacation days in this fantasy island will be filled with lots of fun and activities.

We will give you a glimpse of some of the best things that you can do in Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

1. Watch a Movie

Guests at the resort can relax and watch a complimentary Hollywood hit movie at the Atlantis Movie Theater found at the convention center hall.

You can also drop by the theater concession stand to purchase various drinks and snacks that you can bring along while watching a movie.

2. Special Events and Partnerships

Watch out for special events that are always happening at the resort, usually in partnership with other popular brands, so you can enjoy special activities prepared by the resort and its sponsor.

3. Stroll the Beach

Enjoy your daily dose of a private lazy walk on the secluded areas of any pristine beaches in and around the Atlantis, all while breathing in the fresh ocean breeze.

4. Shop and Dine

You can check out the various shops like jewelry stores, souvenir shops, or clothing boutiques on the island.

Explore different restaurants and ice cream stores as you watch occasional parades or local entertainers set up in a picturesque waterfront.

Guests can also find luxury and specialty stores around the Atlantis as well as signature souvenir merchandise.

5. Watch a Live Concert

A wide range of famous performers become part of the Atlantis Live concert series, showcasing their talents throughout the year.

6. Rent a Private Cabana

If you are feeling extravagant, you can rent a private cabana during your stay at the Atlantis.

Experience pampering services, exclusive pool access, a changing private area, your fridge, fans, and electricity for your electronic devices, including rental fees.

7. Eat Like a Local

Eat like a local at Bimini Road in Marina Village and enjoy the Bahamian Cuisine like the jerk chicken, fresh seafood dishes, fried plantains, conch stew, and fritters.

There’s also a wide selection of children’s meals.

8. Pasta and Dessert

Treat yourself and your family to delicious pasta dishes and other Italian specialties from Carmine’s of New York City.

You can also satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings with the restaurant’s famous Titanic dessert, which is an oversized serving of chocolate cake topped with loads of ice cream.

9. Get Fit

You can still stay fit even while on vacation as two guests in each room are given complimentary access to the Atlantis’ Fitness Center and free to use the weights and cardio studio.

10. Atlantis Pals for Kids

The kids staying on Paradise Island can make their personalized stuffed animal remind them of their awesome Atlantis Caribbean vacation.

They can choose from various plush animal selections and make it according to how soft they want it to be before dressing it up with stylish clothing and accessories.

A formal adoption process will then follow after the creation of the stuffed animal, making the kids the new owners of their creation.

11. Check out Atlantis Casino

Be impressed with the world-class design of the Atlantis Casino, which houses 75 gaming tables for all the guests to enjoy. This is the largest casino in the Caribbean.

The non-gambler guests will be awed by artist Dale Chihuly’s sparkling glass sculptures that soak the casino with its colorful energy.

They also offer complimentary gaming lessons for their guests who want to improve their gaming skills. 

12. Tour the Dig

The Dig features sunken ruins, stunning marine life exhibits, and the impressive interactive touch tank aquarium.

You can also get the kids their scavenger hunt map for a more exciting adventure.

13. Go Snorkeling

Atlantis offers ideal snorkeling spots for beginners or the less adventurous visitors, typically in Cove Beach and Paradise Lagoon.

For more daring folks, you can arrange for a 60-minute snorkeling program, which includes a thrilling 30-minute adventure inside a protective environment.

You will have a chance to snorkel in the Ruins Lagoon and swim together with colored tropical fish and spotted rays.

14. Enjoy Fine Dining

There is a wide range of fine-dining restaurants in the Atlantis if you are in the mood for an excellent meal or when celebrating a special occasion.

These restaurants offer Asian or French cuisines. Check out Mesa Grill, Nobu, Olives, and Chop Stix, among others.

15. Create Art Projects

There are an Earth and Fire Pottery Studio where guests can create unique masterpieces to remember their awesome Caribbean vacation.

Even kids can create their souvenir art pieces in this creative indoor activity.

16. Stingray Feeding

The Stingray Lagoon is a sandy and shallow marine habitat that allows guests to get closer to stingrays and even feed them.

17. River Rides

Experience a relaxing river ride through gentle current while floating on inner tubes as you circle the quarter-mile loop tropical landscape a few steps outside Atlantis.

If you have a more daring spirit, you can try the wilder river ride called The Current, which pushes the guests into rolling waves and extreme rapids.

18. Water Fun in Aquaventure

Aquaventure is a unique waterpark in Atlantis, occupying 141 acres of space while using water as much as 20 million gallons.

The waterpark features impressive Atlantis-themed towers with high-speed water slides, a one-mile river ride with wave surges, and rolling rapids.

You will also find 20 swimming areas, a water-play fort for kids, and 11 swimming pools that are linked to one another and provide a unique water adventure for everyone.

19. Swim With Dolphins

Dolphin Cay is among the largest and most advanced marine-mammal habitats with world-class features.

The first home of the 10 sea lions and 17 dolphins was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina; thus, these mammals became the first residents of this marine animal rehabilitation facility.

Dolphin Cay offers the Dip ‘N Discover program, where guests can learn about the resident dolphins and engage with them at the same time.

All proceeds from the visits to Dolphin Cay are used to help the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation as they find solutions to the challenges of marine conservation.

Insider Tips for Atlantis

Here is a collection of insider tips for you to maximize your stay at the Atlantis.

Tip #1: Study an Atlantis Map

Getting hold of a Paradise Island map is an advantage because it gives you an idea of how big the place is and helps you figure out your way around the island.

You can also try running around through the plotted running routes with options for either short, medium, and long distances.

If you get tired from all the activities, you can look for the free shuttle service between towers offered by Atlantis. 

Tip #2: Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is the best spot for viewing sunrise and sunset. Here, you can sit on one of the shaded and padded chairs on the shore and look out into the blue waters.

Tip #3: Do Your Homework

Get a copy of the resort’s Daily Atlantean, which outlines the events and activities for the day and gives special offers for families.

Reviewing the daily schedule allows you to plan your day accordingly.

Tip #4: No Need to Spend

Know what are the free things that you can enjoy while at the resort, such as watching a movie at the theater, waterslides at Aquaventure, exhibits, and looking at marine life at the lagoons.

Tip #5: Win and Make Money

Attend free lessons on how to play a game or a slot machine inside the casino and apply what you have learned.

Tip #6: Finding Nemo

Book a snorkeling activity to swim with the marine life of the Atlantis. The resort houses more than 50,000 different marine lives.

Tip #7: Have Memorable Meals

Make dinner reservations after booking a room so that you can taste the diverse meals offered by various restaurants at the resort.

Tip #8: Quick Bites

Check the restaurants in the Marina for quick and affordable meals like the offerings from the deli and pizza store.

You can also find family meals and combo options from the nearest snack shop.

Tip #9: Act Like a Kid

Act like a kid and enjoy an adventurous trip on one of the rollercoaster waterslides in Aquaventure.


You can now make the most out of your vacation after knowing the things to do in Atlantis Bahamas.

You can read more about Atlantis before planning your vacation and remember to follow the tips we have provided for a more enjoyable stay.

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