island seas resort bahamas

Island Seas Resort Bahamas: Is It Worth Visiting?

The Bahamas has a lot to offer to local and foreign tourists.

You can find the best spots to visit and stay in the best and affordable hotels or resorts.

To help you with that quest, we curated one of the most in-depth Island Seas Resort Bahamas reviews for you.

This budget-friendly resort situated in Freeport on the island's southern coast is a beautiful property with tons of rooms with breathtaking views.

The hotel has some interesting features and amenities to look forward to, so scroll down to learn more about the vacation resort.

Island Seas Resort Bahamas

The Island Seas Resort welcomes its guests to a world of pampering and luxury.

It boasts its private beach, hot tubs, a relaxing spa, gym, and a beautiful free-form pool.

Guests can find a whole host of recreational activities ranging from tennis to volleyball to basketball and even shuffleboard.

There are also fun-filled activities like karaoke, bingo, and happy hour at their in-house bar that every family member can enjoy.  

The Arrival Scene

According to most Island Seas Resort Bahamas reviews, the hotel's main entrance feels as if you are entering the only hotel on the island. Find more amazing places you can visit on and create the best memories with your loved ones.

That's because there are no other hotels on either side of it.

There are two areas divided by a road, and these contain the hotel’s three-storied buildings.

The front section allows quick access to the beach, restaurant, lobby, and pool, while the back section is for those looking for peace since it has gardens.

When you enter the lobby, you will find the guest services and check-in at two different sections.

The Pool

The center of action of this resort is the Coconuts Bar and Grill.

You can find it under a covered pavilion and has a couple of tables outdoors.

The bar is located close to the pool, so you can change into your swimsuit in the restrooms near the fitness center and head to the pool during the day.

The pool is perfect for families since kids can play in it while parents can lounge on the chairs.

Since the bar is right there, it is also an excellent spot to grab a drink.

The Beach

Since this is a private beach, it’s not crowded. It only has the hotel guests, and there’s ample space for swimming and sunbathing.

The beach comes with a plethora of lounge chairs, so you never have to wait for one to get vacant.

However, the sea does experience a strong tidal force now and then, making the shore narrower during certain times of the day.

That said, the beach is ideal for long and peaceful walks or to watch the scenic sunrise or sunset.

You will also find most resort guests having a good time on the beach, either reading, snorkeling, napping, and using jet skis during the daytime.

If that’s not enough, you can also enjoy horseback riding since a horse farm is very close to the beach.

You will also find the guests drinking by the beach while playing horseshoes, billiards, or playing shuffleboards at nighttime.

While the rooms do have an option for you to cook your food, you will find the restaurant being pretty active almost all the time.

We must say, though, that the festivities wind down fairly early here.

For partying through the wee hours of the night, you will need to head to Port Lucaya,

Just keep in mind that you will need a vehicle since there isn’t any late-night shuttle.

The beach does have some drawbacks, too.

For instance, it has a rising and falling tide, which means you may have to move your lounge chairs to a different spot to remain dry.

There are also local vendors selling a wide range of products, some of which may be legal, and others may be illegal.

As such, make sure that you watch out for them.

island seas resort bahamas

The Location

The Island Seas Resort sits on the south side of the island’s western part with no other hotel or resort on either side.

The Grand Bahama International Airport and the main ferry terminal are located in Freeport.

Both of them are approximately 15 minutes away by car.

Upon reaching the Bahamas, guests can rent a car or book a taxi to reach the resort.

We, as well as most Island Sea Resort Bahamas reviews, recommend renting a car for your trip.

This way you have the freedom to move around as and when you please.

There are tons of grocery stores along the way to pick up essentials, but do note that they do not sell alcohol.

The Bahamas is a large island with only a little more than 40,000 full-time residents.

That means there is plenty of space to explore, such as snorkel sites, small villages, or hiking spots.  

The Rooms

The Island Seas Resort boasts 189 units located inside the three-storied building in the two different sections.

You can choose between one- or two-bedroom options, but the best rooms are the ocean-facing ones.

These rooms have windows that you can open, which is great, especially at night when you want to enjoy the gentle waves' noise.

Every unit in the resort is quite spacious and has a fully functional kitchen that opens up to the living room. This has a sofa bed and a dining table.

While the décor is nothing fancy, the hotel did some major renovations a couple of years ago.

As such, you will find new linens, mattresses, and appliances.

Essentials like paper towels, soaps, dish soap, and coffee or tea can be purchased at the convenience store.

Every unit also features a DVD player and flat-screen TV. Even the bedrooms have their own TV.

Additional Features

Island Seas Resort reviews also agree that one of the best thinsg abou the place is that it features two in-house restaurants.

They are Seagrapes and Coconut Bar & Grille. The former is only open for dinner, while the latter is an open-air restaurant separated by a small bridge over the pool.

The Coconuts Bar & Grille has a wide range of island-themed beverages.

In terms of pricing, it’s quite reasonable and priced almost similar to the other restaurants in the area.

To visit areas outside the hotel, you can use the free shuttle service to get to Port Lucaya, assuming you haven’t rented your own vehicle.  

This is a great way to access the local grocery store.

If you are keen on trying restaurants outside the hotel, you can head to Bernie’s Bonfire.

It is only a 10-minute walk from the resort, and a couple of days in the week, it holds special events like beer or lobster night.

The resort also features a fitness center located beside the token-operated laundry facility.

Getting Ready for a Great Time at the Island Seas Resort

While most Island Seas Resort reviews agree that there are indeed some downsides to this resort, you will certainly appreciate the ultra-spacious one- and two-bedroom units.

Add that to the fresh décor and spruced up new appliances and mattresses.

The resort has plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

Their private beach is certainly a great place for long walks or to build sandcastles with the kids.

Best of all is that all these features and amenities come at a very reasonable price.

As such, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you’re on vacation in the Bahamas.

This resort is the perfect getaway destination. We and most Island Sea Resort Bahamas reviews highly recommend booking your dates in advance.

That is because the resort often runs full, whether it's the peak or off-season.

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